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The Foundation Approach

Giving Back to Schools, Colleges, Trusts, Charities and Good Causes

Helping our communities 

The AMS Foundation was formed to support local charities, schools, clubs, volunteer groups and social enterprises with the FREE supply of Furniture, IT, Tech and all types office environment items. 


Our aim is simple, through providing a sustainable clearance service of your clients unwanted or unrequired furniture, IT & electrical equipment, you and your clients will help improve the lives and opportunities of those in your local areas & communities.


Our Bespoke service provides groups with a unique online “shopping” experience where they can choose items that fit their exact needs. We even offer a “Wish List” service where they can request specific items.

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Business and Project Support

The Benefits of Reusing and Office Furniture and equipment

Reuse culture is good for the workplace

An office refurbishment can be seen as the key to bringing an old and plain workspace back to life. It is an opportunity to represent branding and design. Conscious employees want to evolve from the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ mentality. Procurement departments are learning that a reuse culture leads to cost savings, meaning money can be put into other areas, such as staff activities or facilities. Embedding a reuse culture in your organisation can encourage people to work harder, to value the company’s mission, and to make better use of available space.

Why should you give old furniture to charities or schools?

Unwanted electrical equipment, old chairs, desks, sofas, stationary and more can all be useful to a charity or school. It is not just the charity furniture shops that can benefit from your donations, think also of making donations to the AMS Foundation so we can support community centres, schools, colleges, churches, nonprofit organisations, and shelters. Useful equipment should never go to landfill, there will always be a new home for it, it just requires a bit of thought to find where. Remember that it helps your community and those within the community who need help.

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